RMPUS Senior M 2023 Admissions


RMPUS SENIOR (Secondary 3-4) 

Collège Boisbriand Students (certain excepotions apply)

  • 3 x week training ( 1 fitness and 2 soccer) before/after school 
  • September to mid November = outdoor training + local friendly games 
  • November 15 to April 15 = Futsal + RSEQ games
  • April 15 to end of school year = outdoor training + local friendly games 
  • 1 showcase invitation
  • Uniforms included 
  • Travel is  à la carte (not included in the price)
  • Cost: $2500 


RMPUS SENIOR TRAVEL (Secondary 5 & grade 12)  

  • Players will need to compete for Team A spots on a weekly basis
  • 5 x week training ( 2 fitness and 3 soccer) before/after school 
  • September to mid November:
    • Outdoor training 
    • Local games
    • Showcases 
  • November 15 to April 15 
    • Centre Multisports Rosemère (2x week)
    • Futsal (1x week) 
    • Fitness (2 x week)
    • 1 week in Florida @ Monteverde 
    • Games vs NCAA and USports 
  • April 15 to end of school year:
    • Outdoor training
    • NCAA and USports friendlies
    • Local games 
  • Nutrition guidance 
  • Academic guidance; 
    • NCAA eligibility
    • GPA calculation
    • Transcript translation 
    • NCAA & University consultation
  • Uniforms included
  • Trips à la carte (not included in the price)
  • Price: $6000 (subject to gst-qst)


RMPUS Senior Travel exclusives (sec 5 & grade 12)

  • NCAA Eligibility Center registration guidance
  • NCAA consultation
  • SAT Preparation
  • University Scouting Combine
  • Player have acces to create their highlight video


Player Grouping:

  • RMPUS reserves the right to group players accordingly.
  • Secondary III and IV players may only participate in the travel showcases upon inviation
  • All players must compete for spots on the A team.
  • All players will be given equal opportunity on a weekly basis

Evaluation Procedure:

  • Work ethic
  • Attendance
  • School implication
  • Attitude
  • Ablility


Link to our youtube channel:


For more information and how to apply to the program, please email us at info@rmpus.ca

There are currently no videos available.


Dante Reis interviews our training MVP today Josh @danteereis 🎙️ @joshuaaa10 #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal #Orlando #igtravel #igdaily #igers
⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ 2023 Mini pre-season in Orlando #RMPUS #Orlando #Montreal
Mini pre season in Florida getting ready a showcase in a few days. #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal
Training this morning at @sima_soccer_mva @montverde_academy #RMPUS
Pre training meeting here in Orlando #RMPUS
We have arrived in Orlando #RMPUS #ORLANDO
RMPUS bus on the way to the airport #RMPUS #PrepSchhol #Samba #Trip
Giving opportunity, visibility and unforgettable experiences to our prep school players through our network! Today we depart to Orlando for the week for a few days of training and games vs some top quality opponents. #rmpus #prepschool #montreal #quebec #scholarships #visibility
Orlando here we come ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #RMPUS #MONTREAL #ORLANDO #SIMA #MVA #PREPSCHOOL Art by: @kubik_agencia
Our international players were invited to go watch a Hockey game here in Montréal yesterday 🇨🇦🏒 Laval Rockets against Cleveland Monsters @monstershockey @rocketlaval #RMPUS #soccer #Hockey
Saturday night inter-squad in preparation for our trip to Orlando next week #RMPUS #SIMA #MVA
Countdown Orlando #RMPUS #Orlando #Showcase #PreSeason #Florida #Montreal Art by: @kubik_agencia
RMPUS will be taking two teams to Orlando for a mini pre-season and showcase games at @sima_soccer_mva @montverde_academy Let the countdown begin!!!! 4 days ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #RMPUS #Montreal #orlando #SIMA #MVA
12 more places only. RMPUS SUMMER PROGRAM. To register visit our website www.RMPUS.ca “2023 RMPUS SUMMER SHOWCASE PROGRAM June 26 to July 23 Program for male soccer players 15 to 19 years old Included: 2x/week soccer trainings at College Boisbriand 1x/week fitness session with our fitness coach 1x/week goalkeepers will work with GK coach Weekend games 1 trip to play a showcase in the US or Canada (trip fees not included in the price) Nutrition guidance All games will be recorded and available to the players Exposure to University coaches and scouts (showcase and friendly games) Uniforms included: 2 training kits, 1 game uniform, track suit, back pack, polo and travel shorts *All sessions are weekdays in the morning “
Training ⚽️ #RMPUS
Futsal session today. #RMPUS #CB
Game and official visit to the University of Ottawa. Thanks to @uottawageegees @uottawa for the game, tour and hospitality. You guys are top class! #Uottawa #RMPUSW
Nice game this morning vs @uottawageegees @uottawa Now it is time for a tour of the athletic facilities. Check back later to see more pictures. Amazing opportunity for our girls to showcase themselves to the University of Ottawa staff. Beau match ce matin vs @uottawageegees @uottawa Il est maintenant temps de faire le tour des installations sportives. Revenez plus tard pour voir plus de photos. Incroyable opportunité pour nos filles de se faire voir par le coaching staff de l'Université d'Ottawa. #RMPUS #RMPUSW #PrepSchool #Montreal
Let’s go girls! Game vs @geegeeswsoc @uottawa #RMPUSW #RMPUS
Another goal from our 3-1 win vs DDO U17 AAA Goal by: Juliette Assist: Jessica @jessica.droghini #RMPUSW #RMPUS #Win #montreal #PrepSchool
Safe travels guys 🇧🇷✈️🇨🇦 Monday we restart training to get ready for our trip to Orlando to@visit @montverde_academy @sima_soccer_mva #RMPUS #SIMA
Who is in? We have several players already registered. Only 15 more places available for the summer program. #RMPUS #Summer #scholarships
Goal #1 from our 3-1 win vs DDO U17 AAA. Goal by @mia_girgis_14 Check back soon to see the other goals! #RMPUSW #RMPUS #Win
Lucas Ramos is in his way to join RMPUS. Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 @lucasramos023 #RMPUS
3-1 win for our RMPUS girls yesterday vs DDO U17 AAA. Good job girls #RMPUS #Scholarships #RMPUSW

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