The spinning room helps our athletes improve their VO2 max capacity (cardio-vascular capacity) controlled by Polar watches (top of the line heart rate monitors). Each athlete will have their heart rate monitored during workout sessions.



Each of our student-athletes will have a personilized program prepared by one of our professional kinesiologists. The gym sessions will aim to improve athletes strength, power, resistence and muscular endurance. Our gym is also an important asset for our medical staff to help our athletes during the post injury recovery process.



Our 8.000 square foot gym is fully equipped for many different indoor sports, including FUTSAL. All the installations at Collège Boisbriand have air-conditioning, including the gymnasium. 


Plastic Arts

The art room allows our student-athletes to develop their artistic talent through many different projects: painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.



Science Labs

Both laboratories are fully equipped.

In addition to the lectures, students will have the opportunity to participate in several laboratories.



Outdoor fields 

The outdoor fields consist of several surfaces; one for DEK hockey, one for basketball as well as a soccer field with international dimensions. A large turf surface adjacent to the soccer field is also available for additional training purposes.



Each student at Collège Boisbriand uses a laptop. Digital books, virtual exercises and quick research make teaching optimal. 

In addition, communication with teachers, classmates and home (parents) is further facilitaded by computer-based technologies.  

College technicians are responsible for the implementation of all required software and maintenance of the devices.



All classes are given in French and lead to a high school diploma from Quebec. Elite sports programs are conducted by professional coaches in English. Scale-up English and French courses are available as needed.  



Just 15 minutes from Metro Montmorency and 25 minutes from Montreal, Collège Boisbriand is located on the North Shore. With our various transports circuits options (school bus, city bus and metro) we cover a large territory. 


New construction 2022


New gym 2022


New bulding 2022


New student hall 2022


Indoor full soccer field, Rosemère


There are currently no videos available.


Squad for the game this morning #RMPUS ⚽️
Game day for our RMPUS Senior squad #RMPUS #game #day
Game day for our RMPUS juniors! #rmpus #RSEQ 🚌
Olivier was the last one today! #RMPUS #Fun #PrepSchool #Montreal @oliviertherien1919
The last player to arrive has to dance in front of the group 🥳 #RMPUS #NEW #TRADITION #MONTREAL #PREPSCHOOL
New Brazilian winger for 2023/2024. We can’t wait 🤝 #RMPUS #FUTWEEKEND
Our goal last night. It started with a great pass from @nizarocma to @liam__dt followed by a nice finish by @kevinhamalian #RMPUS
Another good performance this morning. Players that didn’t go to Albany had a game today in Boisbriand. 1-1 draw vs Montis U21 AAA. RMPUS Senior is undefeated this year: 1 win and 3 ties. Goal by: @kevin_hamalian17 Assist: @liam__dt Thanks to @soccerasmontis and coach Frederick Parent for another good game. Top class! #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal
0-0 draw today against Woodstock Academy U19 from Conneticut 🇺🇸⚽️ #RMPUS #SHOWCASE #ALBANY #NY
GAME 2 vs Woodstock Academy, CT 🇺🇸 5 pm kick off here in Albany, NY. Can RMPUS get his second win this year? Vote in the comments 👇 Art by: @kubik_agencia #RMPUS #Kubic #Albany #Montreal #PrepSchool
Pre game talk ahead of our second game here in Albany, NY #RMPUS #montreal #Albany
Mobility this morning with our fitness coach #RMPUS
Our goal last night in our 1-1 draw vs U19 Combine Academy from Charlotte, North Carolina. Goal: @math.levesque Assist: @lucascaggiano1 #RMPUS
First game tonight at 8pm here in Albany, NY. March #1 ce soir ici à Albany, NY. Art by: @kubik_agencia #RMPUS #PrepSchool
We have arrived safely #RMPUS #Albany #NY
RMPUS Senior boys will travel to Albany, NY for two U19 games in front of 60+ university coaches. Les garçons seniors du RMPUS se rendront à Albany, NY pour deux matchs U19 devant plus de 60 entraîneurs universitaires. #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal
Joly Lamar Bryan was late soooooo…. #dance #moves #RMPUS #fun
The squad is preparing for Albany, NY this weekend. #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal #Quebec
What a goal yesterday by our speedy winger 🇧🇷⚽️@lucascaggiano1 #golasso #RMPUS #montreal #quebec #ncaa #usports
Winning goal yesterday 🤗 Goal by @kris.martial Assisted by @elie.dodoo #RMPUS #Montreal #goal #win #prepschool
First game and first win this year. 1-0 vs a very good U21 AAA club 🤝⚽️🇨🇦 #RMPUS #PrepSchool #montreal
Game day!!! Team 1 vs Team 2 at 9 am Team 3 vs Montis U21 AAA at 11 am Come watch us play at @college_boisbriand #RMPUS
RMPUS Juniors 2022/2023 at Collège Boisbriand @college_boisbriand ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Pics by @kubik_agencia #RMPUS #CB #Montreal
RMPUS Juniors 2022/2023 at Collège Boisbriand @college_boisbriand ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Pics by @kubik_agencia #RMPUS

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