Ribeiro-Moojen Pre-University Soccer

For the first time in the history of Quebec, our athletes will be able to join an academic pre-university soccer program which will provide an opportunity to compete at international soccer showcase tournaments and get the university recruitment exposure they deserve.

This unique program is offered by Ribeiro Moojen in partnership with:

Ribeiro Moojen

There is no other coaching team or organization that has placed more players at the NCAA & U Sports levels in the province of Quebec. Since 2012, the Ribeiro-Moojen Combine has attracted over 50 NCAA & U Sport coaches in each of every year providing local soccer players with university exposure and the opportunity to attend NCAA camps. Over 200 players have been awarded university scholarships and the number keeps growing. 

Building on this experience, Ribeiro Moojen Pre-University Soccer emphasizes soccer development and pre-university grade 12  education in a bilingual environment.


 RMPUS @ Collège Boisbriand

The U13 through U17 (Secondary 1-5 / Grade 7-11) students will attend Collège Boisbriand, which is a subsidized private school in Boisbriand, QC. The sports development program integrates one period of sports per day and after-school training. For more information, please click on the Collège Boisbriand icon below.

Players that do not attend Collège Boisbriand can also be part of the program for the soccer part only. 


     RMPUS Senior M @ Northern Pre-University

The best soccer players will be recruited for the RMPUS Senior team in partnership with Northern Pre-University (NPU), Quebec’s leader for grade 12/pre-university education. Graduating students will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is locally and  internationally recognized by universities. This academic pathway presents an alternative to CEGEP and facilitates the transition for the NCAA-bound athlete.

NPU is located on the same campus as Collège Boisbriand thus allowing grade 9, 10 and 11 athletes to train and play with the RMPUS Senior team. For more information on Northern Pre-University, please click on the NPU icon above.

Players that do not attend NPU can also be part of the program for the soccer part only. 

Collège Boisbriand & NPU Admissions

Starting September 2022

  • RMPUS Jr: Secondary 1 & 2 (Grades 7 & 8)

  • RMPUS Senior Collège Boisbriand/NPU: Secondary 3, 4, 5 and grade 12 (Grades 9 to 12)

Note that selected grade 9 (sec. 3) players can practice, develop and play friendly games with the U18 team; however, they will not travel to showcases. The fees will be adjusted accordingly.


Ribeiro-Moojen Pre-University TRAVEL TEAMS 

This program runs from November to April.

The travel team will train 1x per week with 4-5 trips to the US to play in different showcases and to play games vs NCAA schools. 

We will also provided transcripts evaluation and SAT preparation for our players. 

For the 2022/2023 year, girls U16 to U19. 





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Our former captain is back from Texas for the Hollidays. Listen to what @the_gormz has to say before our session tonight #RMPUS #PrepSchool
Les impressions de notre Entraîneur chef RMPUS - W après notre premier Showcase à Massachusetts #RMPUS #RMPUSW
Beatrice MVP of the game today. 2-1 win and another goal for our center back #RMPUS #RMPUSW #Montreal #massachussets
2-1 win! Congrats girls and staff #RMPUSW #RMPUS #Montreal #massachusetts
One of our goals today here in Massachussets #RMPUSW #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal
Post dinner fun #RMPUSW #RMPUS #PrepSchool #montreal #quebec 🎙️
Game #2 in the books. Goals by Mia and Beatrice #RMPUSW #RMPUS
The girls are ready for game #2 today here in Massachussets #RMPUS #RMPUSW
Nice ball movement last night (dark blue) 🔵⚪️ #RMPUSW #RMPUS #PrepSchool #montreal #massachusetts
Debrief Meeting tonight. Now time for our girls to rest for our game at 14:30 tomorrow here in Massachussets #RMPUSW #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal #Massachussets
Our forward Mia singing after dinner today 🤩 @mia_girgis_14 #RMPUSW #RMPUS
Player of the game #15 @melinaouramdane Joueuse du match Mélina Ouramdane 🥇 #RMPUSW #RMPUS
Game 1 in the books. Good job girls #RMPUS #RMPUSW
Game #1 for our girls here in Massachusetts 17:30 pm kick off 🇺🇸⚽️ #RMPUSW #RMPUS
We have arrived at our hotel in Massachussets #RMPUS #RMPUSW #Montreal #massachusetts
We are in Massachussets for the first showcase of 2022 for our RMPUS WOMEN’S TEAM. We will play 3 games in front of several NCAA coaches. #RMPUS #RMPUSW #Massachussets Art by: @kubik_agencia
Our grade 12 boys during our NCAA / NAIA eligibility presentation. #RMPUS
RMPUS was in Vermont last night watching our friends and the #8 NCAA 1 program in the 🇺🇸 University Of Vermont Congrats @uvmmsoccer on the win. Good luck in Dallas #RMPUS #UVM
As of today we bring our training indoors all the way until April 15 🥶 #RMPUS
What a GOAL from our RMPUS WOMEN’S team yesterday in their win vs Burlington Force from Ontario. Goal by: @mia_girgis_14 #RMPUS #RMPUSW
First game & first WIN! Good job girls and coaching staff @bourgeois_dorian @briannadecoteau
Some very good games today here in Lake Placid. #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal #NY
Staff at Lake Placid #RMPUS

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