Ribeiro-Moojen Pre-University Soccer

For the first time in the history of Quebec, our athletes will be able to join an academic pre-university soccer program which will provide an opportunity to compete at international soccer showcase tournaments and get the university recruitment exposure they deserve.

This unique program is offered by Ribeiro Moojen in partnership with:

Ribeiro Moojen

There is no other coaching team or organization that has placed more players at the NCAA & U Sports levels in the province of Quebec. Since 2012, the Ribeiro-Moojen Combine has attracted over 50 NCAA & U Sport coaches in each of every year providing local soccer players with university exposure and the opportunity to attend NCAA camps. Over 80 players have been awarded university scholarships and the number keeps growing. 

Building on this experience, Ribeiro Moojen Pre-University Soccer emphasizes soccer development and pre-university grade 12  education in a bilingual environment.


 RMPUS @ Collège Boisbriand

The U13 through U17 (Secondary 1-5 / Grade 7-11) students will attend Collège Boisbriand, which is a subsidized private school in Boisbriand, QC. The sports development program integrates one period of sports per day and after-school training. For more information, please click on the Collège Boisbriand icon below.


     RMPUS Senior M @ Northern Pre-University

The best soccer players will be recruited for the RMPUS Senior team in partnership with Northern Pre-University (NPU), Quebec’s leader for grade 12/pre-university education. Graduating students will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is locally and  internationally recognized by universities. This academic pathway presents an alternative to CEGEP and facilitates the transition for the NCAA-bound athlete.

NPU is located on the same campus as Collège Boisbriand thus allowing grade 9, 10 and 11 athletes to train and play with the RMPUS Senior team. For more information on Northern Pre-University, please click on the NPU icon above.

Collège Boisbriand & NPU Admissions

Starting September 2022

  • RMPUS Jr: Secondary 1 & 2 (Grades 7 & 8))

  • RMPUS Senior Varisity Collège Boisbriand/NPU: Secondary 3, 4,5 and grade 12 (Grades 10 to 12)

Note that selected grade 9 (sec. 3) players can practice, develop and play friendly games with the U18 team; however, they will not travel to showcases. The fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Note that secondary 4 and 5 players can be selected for the Senior team.


Girls RMPUS Jr and RMPUS Senior @ Sacred Heart School of Montreal (Ivy League Prep)

  • RMPUS Jr: Secondary I and II (Grades 7 & 8)
  • RMPUS Senior: Secondary 4,5 & grade 12

Grade 9 (sec 3) players may practice, develop and play friendly games with the U18 team; however, they may not travel to showcases or university soccer events.



GREAT week at @SIMA_MVAsoccer @mvaeagles Thank you for the invitation and for hosting our boys this week #RMPUS #SIMA #prepschool #friends #orlando #montreal
Pre game talk. We are ready for game #4 here in Florida. Kick off at 9:30 am. #RMPUS #MVA #SIMA
1-0 win today here at @montverde_academy academy. Tough game against a great team. Complete team effort #RMPUS #Orlando #Montreal
Last night we played again MLS NEXT U19 side Tampa Bay. Very good team. @mlsnext @tbunews What an experience for our boys. #RMPUS #MLSNEXT
👉 To see the full list, go to our stories. We are doing our best with our network to give our RMPUS players opportunities like this. In the next 4 days we will play 6 games in front of all of these coaches. RMPUS = soccer, school, travel, opportunities, visibility and scholarships. Let the games begin today. 🙌 Today: 4 pm and 6 pm games All games at @montverde_academy @sima_soccer_mva #RMPUS #SIMA #MVA #Montreal #orlando #quebec #florida #prepschool Art by our designer: @kubik_agencia
Pre game activation. Game : 4 pm Game 2: 6 pm #RMPUS #Montreal #Orlando #prepschool
MONTVERDE ACADEMY TOUR 🇺🇸⚽️ Nice afternoon tour at the best high school academy in the world with our Senior RMPUS team. Huge thanks for the amazing tour and hospitality as usual. @michaelpotempa @montverde_academy @sima_soccer_mva #MVA #RMPUS #Orlando #Montreal
Day 2 training completed at @sima_soccer_mva @montverde_academy #RMPUS #SIMA #MVA #Orlando
Last night at Disney Springs #rmpus #disney #orlando #montreal #travel #youthfootball #prepschool #underarmour#campea
Dinner time #RMPUS #Orlando
Day 1: 90 minutes session this morning + pool for the boys. Time to rest now and study 🤗 Later we have dinner + team walk at Disney Springs. #RMPUS #Florida #orlando #sima #disney
We are heading to training here in Orlando. ⚽️🙌 Some of the schools coming to see the games this week at @montverde_academy : NCAA 1: Creighton, Boston, High Point, UNCG, Drexel, Jacksonville, Syracuse…. #RMPUS #prepschool #youthsoccer #highschool #montreal #orlando
We arrived in Orlando last night. One week of training and games here in Orlando at @montverde_academy @sima_soccer_mva #RMPUS #MVA #NCAA #RMCombine #youthfootball #prepschool
Let’s go!!!! ✈️🇺🇸⚽️💯 #RMPUS #FloridaTour #orlando #mva #sima #ncaa Art by: @kubik_agencia
⏳✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #rmpus #florida #orlando #sima #mva
2 more days ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ “The SIMA Friendlies host a myriad of college and university programs from across the country. Games will take place from Thursday January 20th to Sunday January 23rd. Groups conformed by SIMA student-athletes and guest teams from Atlanta United, Charlotte Soccer Academy, Ribeiro Moojen, Weston FC and Tampa Bay United will play each day at the Montverde Academy campus. Video will be made available to review the action. This unique showcase gives our senior student-athletes the opportunity to gain exposure through several high level games arranged for college coaches. With many dreams to play at the college level, SIMA student-athletes value this tournament as a way to prove their ability and passion for the game” #RMPUS #SIMA
From our prep school to the NCAA in only a few months. 🔝 Please help us congratulate our center back @dimitri_davourlis on his verbal commitment to NCAA side Tusculum University. #RMPUS #NCAA #RMCombine @tusculummsoc @tusculumsports @ncaasoccer
In 3 days ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #RMPUS #FlTour
Équipe Pré-universitaire RMPUS femmes (nov 2022-avril 2023) Joueuses: (Naissance: 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007) •20 pratiques •Automne Showcase (Côte Est) •Hiver Showcase: Montverde Florida •Printemps NCAA Showcase •Tournée et Parties vs équipes Ivy league et NCAA •Évaluation des bulletins scolaires et préparation au examen SAT Bientôt try-outs + presentation du projet aux parents et joueuses. Pour plus de détails: info@rmpus.ca #RMPUS #PrepSchool
Bientôt - Coming Soon Équipe Pré-universitaire RMPUS femmes (nov 2022-avril 2023) RMPUS Women's Pre-University Showcase Team (November 2022-April 2023) Joueuses - Players (Naissance-DOB: 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007) •20 pratiques •Automne-Fall Showcase (Côte Est-East Coast) •Hiver-Winter Showcase: Montverde Florida •Printemps-Spring NCAA Showcase •Tournée et Parties vs équipes Ivy league - NCAA tour & exhibitions games •Évaluation des bulletins scolaires et préparation au SAT/ Transcripts evaluation & SAT preparation •Programme Grade 12 -Pre-University program à Sacred Heart School of Montreal #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal
4 more days before we take our @aircanada flight to @sima_soccer_mva @montverde_academy for one week. •3 training sessions •5 games in front of NCAA coaches •visiting Disney •amazing experience We can’t wait! Art by our designer: @kubik_agencia If you need graphic designer, contact Kubik they are the best! #rmpus #montreal #orlando #prepschool
T-5 to Orlando ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #rmpus @kubik_agencia with the art
Less than a week ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #rmpus #collegeboisbriand #BB #montreal #quebec #prepschool
Dans 7 jours ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ #rmpus #florida #tour #prepschool #ncaa #scholarships Art by: @kubik_agencia
T-9 days to Florida ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ Our U18 team will travel to train and play several games in front of NCAA coaches at @sima_soccer_mva @montverde_academy Art by the best graphic designer in Canada: @kubik_agencia #RMPUS #igtravel #prepschool #boardingschool #montreal #quebec #ncaa #njcaa #naia #usports

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Sacred Heart School of Montreal
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Sacred Heart School of Montreal
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