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2022-06-21 - News

RMPUS player Gustavo Gaeta (Brazil) accepted a scholarship offer to join Triton College in Chicago this fall. Gustavo joined RMPUS in January 2022.  ...

2022-06-09 - News

  July 10 travel team try outs boys and girls at DSC in the West Island. U16, U17, U18, U19 boys and girls   15:00 - 16:00 boys on the field 16:15 - 17:15: program presentation 17:30 - 18:30: girls on the fie...

2022-06-02 - News

The brazilian defender Tiago Borges wanted to stay in canada and recently accepted a scholarship offer to study and play for St Thomas University in New Brunswick. ...

2022-05-20 - News

The brazilian student-athlete Bernardo Casagrande will join RMPUS in September 2022. Welcome Bernardo!   ...

2022-05-03 - News

Hubert Déragon poursuivra son rêve en Floride May 3rd, 2022 10:28 Hubert Déragon poursuivra son rêve en Floride Le 2 mai 2022 — Modifié à 15 h 30 min le 2 mai 2022 Temps de lecture : 3 min 30 s Hubert Déragon a...

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South shore!!!! Boys and girls! From U16 to U19 Did you miss the RMPUS-Montis try outs and program presentation? Don’t worry we have good news. You can register now for the August 21 boys and girls try-outs and program presentation: RMPUS/AS BROSSARD Travel teams Link in bio. It is free and places are limited! #RMPUS #Brossard #TravelTeam
The brand new gym at @college_boisbriand is getting set up already 😍 We can’t wait for September 🤝💪 #CB #RMPUS
Another RMPUS player commitment! ✈️🇺🇸⚽️ The Brazilian midfielder @athletegustavo will be joining his new school in Chicago this fall at @triton_trojans_soccer Please help us congratulate Gustavo! Art by: @kubik_agencia #scholarship #RMPUS #RMCombine #NJCAA #CHICAGO #MONTREAL #A10
Thanks to everyone that came to our presentation & try-outs in St-Bruno today for our RMPUS/MONTIS TRAVEL TEAM #RMPUS #Montis @soccerasmontis
Ce SAMEDI le 18 juin à St-Bruno. Filles et garçons! U16, U17, U18, U19 Envoyez nous une message privé ou e-mail pour vous inscrire aux essais + présentation du programme. C’est gratuit! #RMPUS #Montis
ATTENTION ALL BOYS AND GIRLS FROM THE WEST ISLAND!!!! U16, U17, U18, U19 Free try outs JULY 10. To register? Link in bio. It is free. Try outs + program presentation. Don’t miss this opportunity to join our RMPUS/DSC WEST ISLAND TRAVEL TEAM For more info email us: #RMPUS #TRAVELTEAM
We are at the boys @ribeiromoojen combine this weekend ✔️🔝💪 #RMPUS #RMCombine
All West Island boys and girls! This is your opportunity to join our RMPUS/DSC WEST ISLAND TRAVEL TEAM Train, travel, get scholarships✔️ Academic support✔️ Visit universities✔️ Experience the NCAA & USPORTS life ✔️ Trips to NY, Florida, California, Toronto… Link in our Instagram bio for registration. FREE! July 10 try outs! Boys and girls: U16 to U19 #RMCombine #TravelTeam
Welcome to the team @xavier_laneuville #RMPUS #Montreal #PrepSchool
NEW PLAYER ALERT 👀 From Brazil to RMPUS ✍🏻 Welcome To RMPUS Lucas 🤝🇨🇦⚽️📚 #RMPUS
RIBEIRO-MOOJEN PRO in partnership with E-08 ESPORTE MANAGEMENT @e08esportemanagement Concluded the signing of American and former NCAA 1 winger Macie P. @maciedenise_ to the pro club in Austria @lfcdornbirn 🇦🇹 Congrats everyone! #RMPro #RibeiroMoojenPro #Austria #Europe #family #rmpus Art by the best in the biz: @kubik_agencia
Have a good day everyone 🔝💯⚽️ #RMPUS
Joga bonito by our Costa Rican winger Juan Pablo 😍@pablo_chernandez #RMPUS #jogabonito #JP #CostaRica
2-1 win today at our home field at @college_boisbriand Well done boys. #RMPUS #Montreal #Quebec #prepschool
Kick off in 10 minutes. RMPUS Senior game. Beautiful day here in Boisbriand, Quebec. #RMPUS #Montreal
ONE MORE COMMITMENT!!!!! We are super happy to announce that our Brazilian center back @tiagoborgess_ has committed to study and play at @tommiesnation @tommiessoccer starting this fall. One more happy RMPUS player getting his university scholarship after joining our program. CONGRATS @tiagoborgess_ #RMPUS #STU #TOMMIES #NB #CANADA #USPORTS Art by: @kubik_agencia
Great opportunity today to play in front of a NCAA coach and listening to what he had to say. Thanks again for the visit @tusculummsoc 8-0 win today vs a local high school. Good job RMPUS 👍 #RMPUS #PrepSchool #Montreal #Quebec
We had the privilege to have @tusculummsoc head coach Allen Vital visit our prep school today. Good win. Everyone is happy! #rmpus #prepschool #montreal
He joined RMPUS in September 2021. Today he leaves RMPUS with his high school diploma AND a scholarship to keep playing and studying at a high level. 🛫🇺🇸 Please help us congratulate @malcom_guy on his commitment to join the @njcaasoccer with @southeasterncc_soccer Art by: @kubik_agencia Malcom also plays for our partner club @soccerasmontis U18 AAA 👌🏼 #RMPUS #Scholarship #NJCAA
BIG NEWS! NCAA Tusculum University Men’s Soccer head coach will be at our game tomorrow at @college_boisbriand to watch our RMPUS players in action. BIG OPPORTUNITY for our boys to meet the head coach AND play in front of him. #NCAA #RMPUS #Scholarships #visibility #opportunity
A few pictures from tonight. Check back tomorrow for more pics and videos! RMPUS 2021/2022 graduation dinner. #RMPUS #Graduation #Montreal #prepschool
Technical Friday 🤩 #RMPUS #WarmUp #Montreal #Quebec #PrepSchool
Please help us welcome our two new additions from Brazil: @murilocasagrande_ @becasagrande 🇧🇷✈️🇨🇦⚽️📚 #RMPUS #A10 #montreal #quebec #prepschool
RMPUS - MONTIS @soccerasmontis Équipe de voyage TRY-OUTS U16 U17 U18 Samedi le 18 juin 2022 Où : Parc Marie-Victorin, 1150 rue marie-Victorin, St-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC J3V 6R6 Horaire : Filles terrain : 9:00 à 9:50 Présentation en salle à côté : 10:00 à 10:50 (Garçon et Fille) Garçons terrain : 11:00 à 11:50 Inscription: (lien dans notre bio) #RMPUS #MONTIS #TRAVELTEAM #SHOWCASE

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